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Saturday April 25th and Sunday April 26th

“Evolving Enlightenment via ‘Real’ Community”

“Living and Energetic and Enthusiastic Life!”

(Sent on behalf of Eric Best)  

On April 25th & 26th, Saturday & Sunday, we are putting on  The Mariposa Group SPRING FESTIVAL.    It will be a combination of fun times, meeting others with a positive vision about community, playing, eating together and some presentations on items of interest.  We’ve recently had a strong increase in the number of inquiries about The Mariposa Group community.  So we’ve decided to celebrate both the coming of spring and give interested folks a chance to meet each other and have a fun & informative time.

There may be a presentation on the “earth bag” building process, with a chance to participate and see how rapidly a trial wall construction can go up.  We may have a singer/performer present for us.   Another topic will likely be giving a presentation on “Master Gardening” and composing techniques for maximum healthy growth.  And I will give a presentation about the basics which make “Real” community creation possible and sustainable.  Real interpersonal community.  And one new aspect for those interested in animals,is we are considering raising some sheep here as our membership grows.  This will be in addition to easily having more than enough garden space for more food than we could ever eat.  Already we have more peaches than we can eat.

The presentations will be relatively short, with time for Q&A as might be desired.  The main thrust is simply a time for folks to gather, have fun, be exposed to real community minded people and share our dreams and ways to make them real.    We’d love to have you come and spend a couple of days with us and be part of this in our beautiful country location and paid up land.

Cost:  $10.per person for one day or $15 for both days, if you arrange things ahead of time with us.

Plus we ask you to bring two small food dishes to share.  This is a “sign up ahead of time” event, so call and coordinate this with us please.    There is plenty of space for camping or using a RV (although generally speaking, electricity is not available for over night stays yet.)

Please send your check made out to  “Eric Best”, to
Eric Best,
FM 1841,
Bivins, TX   75555

So 4/25 – 26 (Saturday & Sunday) are the dates.   We look forward to having you here!

Warmly,   Eric




“Real” Community

“Creating a Culture that works”

True Financial Security, Deep Interpersonal Friendship & Comfort, A Pleasing Inquiry into living Life fully, Sustainably, Psychologically Healthy & Successfully
done right now, here on earth…  with Fun & Play !
I invite you to explore this with us.

A view of the land from 2010


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