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Magnesium Absorption: Why 80% of People Are Magnesium Deficient

A diet filled with cheeseburger and fries as seen here inhibits magnesium absorption.

80% of people are deficient in magnesium because:

  • Lack of fiber in the diet. In this situation calcium clearly inhibits magnesium absorption.
  • High dairy intake. Calcium is 10 times more concentrated in milk than is magnesium.
  • Soil is deficient in magnesium virtually everywhere because of 10,000 years of soil erosion after glaciation.
  • High carbohydrate, especially simple sugars, increases the need for magnesium and B 6, but high simple carbohydrate interferes with magnesium absorption.
  • Proton pump inhibitors decrease hydrochloric acid in the stomach and HCL is essential for oral absorption of magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency contributes to every known disease – from anxiety to depression, cancer, atherosclerosis, fatigue, hypertension, etc. So, it is critical that you maintain a healthy magnesium level.

Luckily the answer to having a healthy level of magnesium is simple! TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM LOTION is far better for the absorption of magnesium than any supplement.

In one month you can restore intracellular magnesium levels AND raise DHEA (they youth and health hormone) levels naturally. Oral magnesium absorption is erratic, capricious and does not restore DHEA. However, if you insist on oral, magnesium taurate is the best.

Transdermal magnesium lotion can also be used to relieve pain from muscle spasms or soreness and symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Here is a selection of magnesium lotions that can help you regain a healthy magnesium level and relieve muscular discomfort:

Dr. Shealy’s Magnesium Lotion Spray (8 fl oz)
Dr. Shealy’s Magnesium Lotion (8 oz)
Dr. Shealy’s Magnesium Lotion (16 oz)


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