LOVE ENERGY–A great New Book I recommend

Here is a great new book that I personally and highly recommend from my dear friends, Donna Eden and David Feinstein. See more by clicking the link below…
The book I am referring to – The Energies of Love – is a comprehensive resource designed to help couples overcome the obstacles to thriving fully with one another.
Donna and David have used their understanding of energy to forge what their good friend Jean Houston calls in the book’s foreword “a loving, creative, and exemplary marriage.” The Energies of Love is a treasure house of concepts and techniques that draw from Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, as Donna and David have used these approaches in their own relationship and with their clients over the decades.
I invite you to check out this groundbreaking and important new book for yourself, as well as a compelling new video course they have created in conjunction with its release. Please click link below to see more about this:

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