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LIVING BLISS: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

My 30th book is available! And see this Latest Discovery!

One of our describers recently suggested that I tell everyone that I am sharing gold. And here is the Latest GOLD!

Just as we went to press I discovered another remarkable effect of using Transcutaneous Acupuncture with the five Bliss Oils! For eight years I have been exploring ways to rejuvenate telomeres, the tips of our DNA molecules. Telomeres are essential for the ability of our cells to be replaced. Every cell lives a maximum of seven years and is then replaced. Some cells, such as skin cells, live only a few weeks and are replaced many times each year.

Ordinarily telomeres shrink an average of one percent every year after birth; that is, for those with good health habits. In those with unhealthy habits, the telomeres shrink much more rapidly. We are genetically programmed to die after about 100 years!

Initially, for 3 years I used, 30 minutes each day, the RejuvaMatrix mattress, which produces human DNA frequency of 54 to 78 GHz at one billionth of a watt per centimeter squared. My telomeres, measured in the two main types of white blood cells, “grew” 12% or 4% each year . Then with the serious illness of my wife, I lost all the extra telomere length I had gained and that continued during her 13 month illness and for a year afterwards.-through 2012.

My telomeres in 2007

Lymphocytes 5.7; granulocytes 6.4—average 6.05

Lymphocytes 5.9; granulocytes 6.6—average 6.25

Lymphocytes 6.2; granulocytes 7.4—average 6.7

Lymphocytes 5.6; granulocytes 6.4—-average 6.0—5 months after Chardy’s diagnosis


Lymphocytes 6.0; granulocytes 6.1—-average 6.05—5 months after Chardy’s death


Lymphocytes 6.3; granulocytes 6.3—average 6.3

Lymphocytes 6.5; granulocytes 7.1—average 6.8

In April, 2013, I DISCONTINUED THE — USE OF THE RejuvaMatrix and switched to use of the 5 Bliss oils. Time each day only 2.5 minutes and I can travel with the oils!

Lymphocytes 6.9; granulocytes 7.3—average 7.1

This is an increase in my average telomeres of 17.36% instead of the EXPECTED 8% decrease, so mine are actually 25% LONGER than expected!! Actually, this is an average gain of 3.5% in each of the 5 years of growth, with 3 of the 8 years losing or stable, during my crisis time.
And this is an increase in the last year of 4.4% regeneration.

There are 30 other individuals using the RejuvaMatrix and they are averaging telomere growth of about 4% each year. Six of them converted to use of the oils last summer and we should have telomere results of their use of the oils by August.

Obviously it will take some years to show that most individuals may be able to enhance health and longevity using Transcutaneous Acupuncture on the Five Rings. However, it is indeed promising and by far the simplest possible addition to improve health and longevity. Of course, physical exercise, healthy nutrition, no smoking, healthy weight and major stress reduction are the essential foundations upon which to build further health and longevity. Please check my website at Events for Certification Training in Transcutaneous Acupuncture!

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