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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Sometimes the Universe wants to get your attention. Such has been my experience with Laminine. Knowing my interest in safe life enhancing products, a friend recently sent me 3 packages of it. I took it and, of course, being healthy, I did not notice much. Just as I was finishing that batch another trusted friend brought me another bottle. HMM. That day I also got an email from another friend pushing the same product. When the iron strikes three times that close together, it is worth serious consideration. So, I reread the original literature I had been sent, continued taking it, and decided that perhaps I could cut out some of the two handfuls of supplements I take every day! I certainly have not missed them and I may cut even more.

Here are just a few of the reported effects:
Increases serotonin—the key to a happy mood. Reduces physical and emotional stress! Makes you more alert
Stimulates DHEA production—considering that 90% of people over 40 are dragging in this critical hormone, a great benefit!
Increases strength of body, mind and emotions. Improves endurance and energy
Helps enhance sleep
Enhances libido —hmmm
Decreases cortisol, the major stress hormone!
Improves skin tone
Reduces pain
Has been reported to help ADHD and Parkinsonism

To me this product seems to be one worth considering. Interestingly a Google search turned up “Laminine Scam” and it turns out that a skeptical person tried it and decided it is “powerful!” I have actually seen no negative reports. Personally, I am saving the cost of Laminine in the various herbs I discontinued. For those who want to try it to improve overall health, there are two ways:


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