Junk Food and Junk Drugs

Once upon a time, before 1945 or so, there were relatively few prescription drugs. Now there are literally thousands. Interestingly, prior to 1945, 90% of food was raised within 50 miles of its consumption. Pop, white bread, and sugar were the only significant junk foods.

In the 1960’s we had the development of Medicare which opened the public trough to BIG BUSINESS—hospital administrators, for-profit hospitals, and the PharmacoMafia.

Now we have ”fast” but pure junk food in most schools, hospitals, airports, and even homes. And we have an epidemic of obesity.

In addition to total malpractice by school administrators and teachers in encouraging junk food—-they actually are paid by the pop and junk food industries to house these obnoxious products. Then there are the teachers and administrators who are engaging in the malpractice of medicine. They often push parents to medicate their children to make them more placid.

A vast majority of the children placed on Ritalin and its evil siblings, or even worse on antidepressants, are overfed with unbelievably bad food and junk—and have virtually no physical exercise.

I have personally seen dozens of these originally bright children squelched by drugs they do not need, and which make them intellectually dull, at best.

The same is true for a majority of adults. Antidepressants, statins, and tranquilizers are prescribed as routinely as air and water. Beyond any reasonable doubt, a vast majority of these drugs are useless or, worse, dangerous.

Antidepressants are, at best, 7% better than placebo with a 25% complication rate.

What intelligent person would agree to take them if presented with the facts?

Statins suck. They cause far more harm than they cure.

Even the ”purple pill” is not a cure but a rough band-aid.

Tranquilizers convert anxiety to depression.

So those who take tranquilizers can be prescribed another drug. And so it goes.

And let us not forget obesity.

Obesity is significantly related to the FAST FOOD NATION junk, junk, junk food plague. And it is also related to the remarkable inactivity of a huge majority of Americans.

Americans have largely abdicated their one great gift, personal responsibility, to government, the insurance mafia, the PharmacoMafia, school, and business bureaucrats.

Health will not begin to improve until a strong majority insists upon taking personal responsibility for their habits and their health. Hopefully, those who read this blog are at the forefront in monitoring their own choices.

Bruce Lipton has emphasized in his latest book, THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF that at least 95% of people do not need drugs to be healthy. Interestingly I have used only 85% as the number who create illness with a lack of responsible health habits. As Bruce says, ”We are not victims of our genes-”. We are victims of unhealthy thinking and acting. Even our genes can be healed and changed with the appropriate attitude, belief, and intent.

EVERY THOUGHT IS A PRAYER. That statement is just as accurate today as it was well over 50 years ago when the great healer, Ambrose Worrall, wrote it in his classic ESSAY ON PRAYER. Thanks to my dear friend Olga Worrall, also a great healer, that booklet is still available from Self-Health Systems, 888-242-6105. She also allowed me to make a meditative tape of the exercise. It is the most important mantra I know.

If you THINK, then you will choose to avoid junk food, junk drugs and junk habits.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your commitment to self-health and healthy longevity. Register to download your FREE copy of 90 Days to Self-Health and learn more about autogenic focus now.

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