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It’s the Immune System



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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


Pasteur created the germ theory of disease and the medical establishment has debated the overall system for the 120 years since his death. Indeed, it is the culture medium on which the germ falls that determines which does what! Even in the worst of epidemics, some people do not become ill and some who become ill survive. Why?


It appears that the overall integrity of the immune system is at least as important as all other factors, including genes and karma. Today, a number of diseases are once more being recognized as the result of an initial infectious agent, including coronary artery disease, multiple sclerosis and many cancers-perhaps all. Viruses, bacteria and fungi may be the underlying culprit!


Here are the best ways to keep your immune system strong:


Avoid depression and chronic anger-ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!

  • AVOID WHEAT!!! It weakens the immune system and leads to autoimmune diseases
  • Vitamin D 3, 50,000 units once a week, if you weigh140 pounds or more
  • Kyani NitroXtreme, 30 drops daily
  • Vitamin K 2, 15 mg daily
  • Kyani Sunset 3 daily
  • Kyani Sunrise, 2 tablespoons daily
  • Astaxanthin, 20 mg daily
  • GR-8 Dophilus, 3-5 daily
  • Glutamine 1 tablespoon daily
  • Co Q 10 300 mg daily)
  • Coconut oil, 1-3 tablespoons daily
  • Castor Oil packs to the abdomen or baths, daily for a week and then twice a week
  • Autogenic Training (Basic Schultz CD)
  • In severe problems, IV “s daily for 10 to 20 days: 100 grams of vitamin C in a Myers cocktail. Unfortunately the FDA has now made all IV therapy outside a hospital practically impossible!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 90 DAYS TO SELF-HEALTH, the book by me
  • Cordyceps mushrooms, 2 or 3 capsules daily
  • Reishi mushrooms, 2 or 3 daily
  • Air Bliss on Ring of Air daily
  • Crystal Bliss on the Ring of Crystal daily
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours every night!



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