It’s Behavior, Sages—#1!

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. John Knowles, in his outstanding article “The Responsibility of the Individual”, stated, “Ninety-nine percent of individuals are born healthy and become unhealthy because of human misbehavior.”

Conservatively, 85% of illnesses are the result of that misbehavior. Let’s start with hypertension, which affects one-third of adults.

The individual behaviors which create this problem are

  • Obesity
  • Inactivity
  • Stress, frustration, anger, etc
  • Smoking
  • Crummy nutrition

Then of course there are mass behaviors by government and industry which are toxic to everyone:

  • Fluoridation of water
  • Chlorination of water
  • Chemical pollution in air, water and soil
  • Nuclear contamination
  • Electromagnetic contamination

The personal behaviors needed to overcome hypertension

  • Stress management—simplest is Autogenic Training. Spending 18 minute a day with the Basic Schultz CD will do more for you overall health than any other known tool
  • Eating only real food–avoid all fast food, sugar, processed foods
  • Exercise–build up to a MINIMUM of 30 minutes daily
  • Stop or never start smoking
  • Add Taurine, 4 grams daily Taurine
  • Magnesium lotion, twice daily Magnesium Lotion
  • D 3, 50,000 units once a week D 3
  • K 2, 15 mg daily K 2
  • Check your oral temperature. If it is consistently below 98.6 after being up 3 or more hours, you probably are hypothyroid. You need Iodine and probably stimulation of the Ring of Fire to restore thyroid function!

Until you can enjoy the benefits of these behaviors, take

  • Kyani NitroXtreme, 30 drops twice daily. Kyani . If this does not work, add
  • Perfusia, 2 capsules twice daily. Perfusia . If this does not work within 3 weeks switch to
  • L-arginine + , one scoop daily. L-Arginine+

The BIG question I receive most often is how to wean from the antihypertensive drugs and switch to a natural approach. I would start with Autogenic Training daily and unequivocal behavior modification! Ideally, you should have your physician monitor you; but if he or she is mentally constipated and a pimp for the PharmacoMafia, and you cannot find holistic physicians, start with Kyani NitroXtreme . After a week cut one medication in half and continue Kyani. Every week or so cut another half of a drug, always monitoring your BP to be sure you are in a safe range, etc. After all, a safe BP is critical, even if it requires drugs!.

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