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Irritable Bowel




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Avoid wheat, corn, citrus, eggs, dairy, peanuts, chocolate, aspartame and junk food and pop.

  • Avoid over the counter nsaid’s– ketoprofen, ibuprofen, Motrin®, etc
  • Start with glutamine powder, one teaspoon with each meal
  • Vitamin D 3, 50,000 units once a week, if weight above 140 pounds. Just every 2 weeks if less than 140 pounds
  • K 2, 15 mg daily
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth, one teaspoon daily. After a week, go to two teaspoons daily
  • Tannalbit, two daily
  • DS-8 Dophilus, 4 caps daily
  • Water kefir or Kombucha tea, 2 glasses daily
  • Castor oil packs over abdomen daily
  • Formula 29, one tablespoon daily
  • Air Bliss and Crystal Bliss daily

If not better in a week, add:

  • Methyl folate, 1000 mcg daily
  • Dr. Zach Bush’s Restore, one teaspoon daily
  • Intestinalis, three daily.
  • Boswellin, 250 mg, 4 daily

If not much better in a another week , stop Boswellin and add Hanna Kroger’s Wormwood Combination, 4 daily and add two daily building to 12 daily for one month.

Avoid all GLUTEN products.


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