An Interview with Dr. C. Norman Shealy 

Using Oil on Acupuncture Points Improves Health and Longevity


Dr. Shealy has created oils that can be placed on certain acupuncture points. There are 5 “Bliss Oils”: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Crystal. Each of these oils have corresponding points on the body where they are applied (called circuits or “rings”). Instead of going to an acupuncturist who inserts needles, you can apply these oils on yourself, with extremely beneficial results.


Lese Dunton: Before developing the oils, you invented an electrical bed that influenced acupuncture points, which you have tested in a study?

Dr. Shealy: Yes, we found some remarkable results. I’m writing a paper on it for the annual anti-aging journal. Some people have been on it four years, a few for five. They are re-growing the telomeres (the tips of DNA), whereas ordinarily, they shrink 1 percent every year of life.

So basically, even without the oils, we do have a tool which people can use, but it’s kind of expensive – and it takes an hour a day to use. The tesla coil alone costs almost $2,000 and the whole mattress at the moment costs $5,500, but it works.

In 2011 I realized that the real problem is that so many people don’t feel good about themselves. In other words, that’s why they’re not conscientious, organized, and responsible for their own habits and health. They have low self-esteem and they’re missing ocytocin (the feel-good hormone).

I thought: Ahh, if we could just raise ocytocin, people will at least feel good about themselves. And that was my first oil. It took several months to put it together and prove that it did work just as well as electricity. I said, well, if works for one of them, we need to find oils for each of them. So that’s how it came about. The whole project took me about a year and a half to convert from electricity to oils.

So last April (2014), when I was sure that the oils worked just as well as electricity, I decided to stop using the electricity for myself. I used nothing but the oils and my telomeres increased 4.4 percent in one year. If that happened, most people might spend 2 1/2 minutes a day. If that’s what it takes.


LD: Is telomeres a word that most doctors know about but the public doesn’t?

DS: The public generally knows about DNA and the double helix. The tips of the DNA are the telomeres. The tips of the DNA are the ones that actually keep the DNA functioning. Every cell in your body dies a number of times. Most of them, within 7 years or less. Even the nerve cells in your brain, etc. have to be replaced. Every time there’s a turnover of cells, the telomeres are doing their job, but they shrink. They lose 1 percent of life – if you have good health habits.

If you smoke, if you’re obese, if you’re a coach potato, all those things, then your telomeres shrink even faster than 1 percent a year. Starting often in the late teens but certainly not later than age 30.  


LD: What would you like the readers to know?

DS: I would love to spray Air Bliss (one of the oils) over the whole world. I’m not being facetious when I say that, especially over Congress, I might add.

First of all I’d like people to be happy and enthusiastic about life. Even though DHEA is the most dominant hormone in the body – in other words there’s more of it than any other hormone, and it is involved in every known disease, that is low levels of it – you don’t necessarily, mood-wise, feel DHEA going down.

But when ocytocin is deficient people are anxious, they’re depressed, they just don’t have a lot of drive.

I think 80 percent of Americans are not happy. That’s my survey of going around the country and that’s because they just don’t have that normal enthusiasm.

So the number one thing that the majority of people need is ocytocin because it can help depression and anxiety more than anything else known, and totally safely.  


LD: And it’s been depleted for a big variety of reasons.


Exactly, but even someone like me, who was almost over-nurtured and is happy, I still get a little boost when I use air bliss. My wife died in April of 2011, and if I hadn’t had Air Bliss, I don’t know how I’d have coped. It really helped during those first two years of grieving.  


LD: How many people are in the study altogether?

DS: Well there are 40 some odd people in the whole study counting the electrical systems. There are 4 doing the oils right now, which should be done by mid-August, 2014.

So let’s assume that even 4 out of the 5 of us get good results that means that most people could do something very, very simple and improve health as well as longevity.

The telomeres are primarily responsible for anything in your body health wise. So any one organ might get into trouble earlier than others depending upon its relative genetic predisposition but if your telomeres are overall long, then you are healthier and live longer.  


LD: What precise testing methods have you been using to prove the effectiveness of the Bliss Oils, in terms of measuring DHEA and ocytocin levels and other effects.

DS: Blood tests before, and 30 – 60 minutes after application of an oil. And by the way, the white blood cell telomeres are granulocyte and lymphocyte, we measure both…if they’re good, statistically speaking, your organs are good. It’s a cross-correlation with that.

Here I am at 81 and my telomeres are equal to the average 45 year old. Not bad.  


LD: That’s great.


And of course I have lots and lots of energy. I’m very active. I’m just as active as I was 50 years ago. The book that just came out is my 30th (Living Bliss) and number 31 is at the publisher (Food for Health), and I’m working on number 32 (an overall look at body, mind and spirit, the whole picture).  


LD: What would like to see happen with the Bliss Oils? People use it on themselves for a healthier longer life?

DS: Obviously, the number one is one thing is health. I don’t care how long I live; I just want to be healthy ’til I drop.

Basically, when I first discovered these circuits that I call rings, they came to me over a number of years and it took me a while to figure out what the chemistry is.

When I finished the 5th ring, I’m sitting at my desk and I’ve got the results. I knew already about fire and DHEA. I knew about air, and at that time about neurotensin; I knew about water and aldosterone but then I got the last two, which were earth for calcitonin for bones, and crystals for lowering free radicals and I said, wow.

If we could just keep our DHEA up, our calcitonin up so our bones don’t fall apart, and our free radicals down, we’re going to live 140 years.

# # #

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD is a neurosurgeon and humanistic psychologist with more than 50 years of professional experience in pain management and holistic medicine. A sought-after seminar speaker worldwide, frequent guest on radio and television programs across the U.S., and host of his own weekly radio show. 


Book: Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along The Holistic Path
(Foreward by Caroline Myss)

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