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The Integrated Health Conference


I will be sharing some important and potentially life-saving information at The Integrated Health Conference in San Diego, and I would love for you to join me!

Visit this link for all the details to either attend in person or via livestream:




Here is what you can expect to experience at The Integrated Health Conference:


Inspiring Education
Be inspired by learning dozens of powerful healing modalities and solutions for boosting the immune system, increasing cardiovascular health, enhancing neuro-regenerative processes, improving energy and stamina, releasing toxic buildup, and shedding unwanted pounds.

Uplifting Entertainment
Health and healing does not have to only be serious… living a fully healthy life also means having fun, dancing to a good song, hearing a hilarious joke, having a great laugh or a good smile, receiving a wonderful hug or giving a hug of gratitude to someone else..  Health is everything in life, but what’s life with health if you are not happy?  Enjoy fun and uplifting entertainment to take your levels of joy and happiness to the next level.

The Latest Research and Science
Keeping up to date with the latest in scientific breakthroughs and research can be challenging…especially when most scientific research is not connected.  The Integrated Health Conference provides a platform for the leaders who stay in-the-know with the latest science and breakthroughs to all come together in one place and bring forth their latest findings.

Incredible Healing Stories
Knowing how someone else was able to overcome cancer or other degenerative diseases can be very empowering… but hearing how 2, 3, or even 5 people did it… now that’s true power!  You will not only learn from people who have overcome cancer and other illnesses, but you will get to meet them and many others and connect with them first hand.

Healing Modalities, Devices and Resources
With nearly 100 vendors all sharing their latest devices, gizmos, resources, samples and healing modalities throughout the weekend, you will get to test what’s new and also what’s been working for many, and decide for yourself if that particular device can help you or your patients on the healing journey.

And a Lot More!

This Conference Will Give You Insider Access to the Latest in Preventing, Healing, and Overcoming Disease and Living Vitally with Meaning and Purpose in Life!

Go Here for All the Details:

I will be speaking via Skype alongside many of the world’s top Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Scientists, Holistic Practitioners, Health Advocates, and Cancer Survivors and Thrivers on the planet, and I hope to see you there.

You will learn more information about the human brain, body, and natural systems and how to regenerate your health during this weekend than probably any event you’ve been to in a long time.

Don’t miss this very special opportunity to be a part of a global movement and educate yourself with the latest in healing and vital living while having fun in beautiful San Diego.

Receive Limited Time Highly Discounted Tickets Here:
Prices go up on March 1st 




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