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Infinite Hope:

A Self-Healing Guide

Inspired by my Journey through Blindness

Into Inner Vision

By Ann Bliss

This is the true story of how Ann Bliss endeavored to self-heal her blindness. It recounts her incredible journey and how she learned to facilitate Divine healings along the way.

In the words of Dr. Norman Shealy: “All of us face some challenges in life. How we respond to those challenges determines our ultimate happiness and health. Ann Bliss has faced one of the great challenges for any life and now enriches all of us with her remarkable insights. Here indeed is the Ultimate example of Faith, Hope and Love as an inspiration for all of us.”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.  President, Holos Energy Medicine Education

“Infinite Hope” is filled with wisdom, emotional exercises, and is laced with her poetry surrounded by pictures of angels. It also contains essential oil and other natural solutions for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.
It is widely known that our emotions may fill us with joy and gratitude but, on the other hand, can make us very ill, change our behavior, and affect every aspect of our lives.  Have you ever said: “I’m sick and tired of you.  Or, “You make me sick to my stomach.   Or, “My heart is broken.” Or, “You are a pain in my neck.   Or, ” I am paralyzed with fear.”  What happens?  Well, your head pounds, your stomach hurts, your neck stiffens, your heart aches, you have heartburn, you feel nauseous, you become arthritic, etc.  How can this be?  An emotion or feeling is not something tangible, but merely an energy pattern which may become lodged in our bodies.
Infinite Hope is available in several ways.
      Send $17.95 through PayPal to:  OR

Mail a Check or Money Order to:

Your Eternal Essence
PO Box 2428-PMB 11908,

Pensacola, Fl 32513

             Also available on
Large print word edition is available for those with impaired vision $7.95
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Fair Grove, MO 65648
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