Ignorance vs Stupidity

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Ignorance is ignoring facts; stupidity is a lack of intelligence. The vitamin D prescribed by physicians is D 2 which is highly inferior to the natural D 3 produced in the body. At least some of the vitamin D “fortified” (a true oxymoron, somewhat as crazy as “enriched”!) food. And of course the so-called Minimum or Recommended Daily Requirement of 400 units of D 3 is? both stupid and ignorant!? Anything less than 1000 units for an adult is truly dangerous to your health. Indeed, 5000 units of D 3 for an adult is far better and up to 10,000 units of D 3 daily is safe in adults and it enhances health. In fact, it is far superior to a flu shot in preventing flu. The main reason I recommend 50,000 units of D 3 once a week for adults and once a month for children is that it is far less expensive.

And, don’t forget that a minimum of 100 micrograms of K 2 daily is tremendously helpful with D 3, in improving immunity and in protecting bones. Indeed, up to 45 mg of K 2 is safe and there is good evidence that it may be particularly helpful is some malignancies, especially leukemia. Incidentally the second article below reports that a huge majority of the milk tested had far less D than on the label and some had far more!!

So, are physicians who prescribe D 2 stupid, ignorant or both?

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The Vitamin D Content of Fortified Milk and Infant Formula

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