A Kindfullness Meditation

I applaud you-
You the ‘silent’ witnesses
You the silenced multitudes
You who seek the path of enlightenment
You who speak your heart and mind
You who see and understand and pray for a solution
To all the current wanton confusion and greed and power seeking
Coerced; eventually forced into cooperative compliance
Most appear to join the chorus
Yet still there are those who, despite confrontation, ostracization, alienation, aggravation and often loss of worldly compensation
Continue on to question
To raise awareness, stand on one’s own, stand pat; sacrifice friendships, livelihood, ‘marketshare’
Branded as contrarian, odd, different, the other, negative
Such souls resist
Persist in seeking the Higher Powers
Perpetual presence
To preserve our earthly home with forbearance and gratitude
Endorsing all that truly matters:
Wisdom, Truth, Compassion, Quietude, Charity, Conversation, Tranquility, Spiritual Prosperity
Seeking not titles, ‘worldly power’ and acclaim
Enlightenment encourages Stability
The ultimate Nobility.
           *Stability= strength, constancy, permanence
I have visited the Tibetan Monks and others this week at Unity Church and I have found peace, joy, compassion, loving-kindness and “home”…

Georgianne Ginder   April 30, 2016

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