How to be a light for others through wellness

“They light up the room when they walk in.”

This is a statement many people love (or would love) to hear about themselves. To radiant such positive energy that others notice is a trait all should strive for. Why? Because that means you’re so full of good energy others can feel it.

Don’t you love knowing something you did or said positively affected somebody’s life? Whether it be a kind word of encouragement or the ability to offer meaningful advice during a difficult situation, being a light in others’ lives can be just as gratifying for yourself as it is for the person you’re helping.

Before you can be a light for others, you must realize it starts with your own wellness.

Does a chandelier with only half the bulbs working serve its full purpose? The complete wellness of your spirit, mind, and body determines how bright your light will shine.

Focusing on your wellness is the best gift you can give to others because you can then give them the greatest version of yourself.

Here are a few tips to make sure your cup is so full that it overflows to others. We’ve also included a bonus to make sure you have the tools needed to reach your highest potential so you can be there for those you love and others whose path you will cross.

First and foremost, take the time to love and care for yourself.

Often in our daily lives, it becomes so easy to get caught up in taking care of others that we forget how important self-care is. Not only do you need to do what it takes to ensure that your body is healthy, but focus on your mental health as well.

Tending to your health and wellness so you can spread positivity to others brightens your light. It’s easier for you to spread good energy to others when you feel well yourself.

If you are not at one hundred percent mentally and physically, it becomes harder to give out energy to anyone else. Therefore, loving yourself and providing yourself with what you need is vital.

Think about it – when you aren’t feeling the best, it’s harder to focus on what you can do for others because your primary focus is only on what’s required of you. Sometimes, the bare minimum is all the energy you have to give.

We tend to feel slightly selfish when we place our needs above the needs of others in our life, but not doing so can have the opposite effect. Putting yourself first plays a big part in your ability to love and care for your family and friends.

Also, when you feel good on the inside, it spreads outwardly. Your internal happiness can have a positive effect not only on those close to you but on anyone you come in contact with.

Find the time to be grateful for what you have by starting a Gratitude Journal.

If you feel you’re living in lack, you might fail to notice how many blessings you truly have in life. That’s why you should always take the time to be grateful for what you have. These don’t have to be material things either. Anything that brings joy to your life is something you can be grateful for.

Simple prompts you can start your journal with today:

  • Write 3 or more things you are grateful for (ex. your home, your car, your health, the ability to see another day, etc…)
  • Write 3 or more people you are grateful to have in your life (spouse, kids, parents, your wonderful boss, the friendly cashier…)
  • Write 3 or more things you would like to manifest in your world (financial gains, new opportunities, better living conditions…)
  • Write 1 obstacle you overcame that day or the day prior (or an obstacle you’d like to overcome)

Make it a habit to journal every single day and watch how fulfilling it feels every time you do it! Writing in your gratitude journal isn’t something you must take hours to do, either. Just block out either 5-10mins in the morning or evening to be grateful.

We are currently working on providing a template you can easily use, but this can be as simple as writing it with pen and paper, or no pen and paper required if you prefer the digital route. You can always use anything similar to a notes app on your phone or any other device to start your journal and make it easy to keep up with daily.

After about a month of journaling, go back and read everything you have found to be grateful for.

Once this becomes a habit, you will find yourself happier for the things you have in life, and that will seep into your attitude and interactions. Hopefully, you rub off on those around you and help them find more things to be grateful for as well.

Last, meditation is a wonderful practice for your entire being; your spirit, mind, and body.

Find a quiet space each day. You can do this simply by tuning out the world for 15 minutes.

Every day, take the time to meditate. Whether it’s in the mornings when you wake up, at night when you go to sleep, or any time in between, find some time to sit in silence and just be. This is a practice that teaches you to be fully present in the moment and focused. It also helps soothe and calm the mind. Think of it as a mini reset for your brain.

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I hope to bring good energy into the universe and that you will put these suggestions into action. These are ways you can “be a light” for more people of this world by becoming the best version of you that you can be.


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