HORSES WHISPERING: Finding Ourselves in the Company of Equus
By: Mary-Charlotte B. Shealy, R.N., Ph.D. | Balboa Press, 2013

Review by: C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

For thousands of years horses have been valued for their strength and their aid in carrying both workloads and human beings. Although dogs and cats have been the most common pets for many households, horses have also been admired and loved as pets, friend and companions, and in a wide variety of sports. Books and movies have captured the hearts of millions with their tales of equine heroism, such as BLACK BEAUTY, MY FRIEND FLICKA, and more recently THE HORSE WHISPERER. Those who have been enamored with the horse also have been awed by the intelligence, and wit of these magnificent, gentle friends.

Many adults have favorite memories of adventures with horses in childhood. Others have craved beginning to experience this companionship for the first time or to rebuild their childhood joys. HORSES WHISPERING is the story of? Mary-Charlotte Bayles Shealy, who not only rekindled her own childhood fascination with Equus, but who also perfected a training program for adults who wished to do the same or who had never had the initial pleasure but who craved the possibility. In addition to breeding prize Appaloosa horses, Chardy began an internationally recognized program for Riding and Training adults in the pleasures and skills of the equine world. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world of Equus are featured in this manual for all those who are horse enthusiasts. Here are presented the fundamentals for equine professionals and students of the art and science of Success-Centered Riding and Training.

Horses Whispering emphasizes the unique bond between horses and people, suggesting that every hair on the horse is a biofeedback signal that the horse is responding to connectedness with the rider.

“Understanding the power of the horse/rider partnership is a metaphor for the gestalt of teaching and learning”

Indeed, learning to receive the unspoken messages from people and horses is crucial to all successful relationships.

I suggest that you read this book for your own personal growth and give a copy to all your relatives and friends who yearn for the company of Equus.

Available on Amazon: Horses Whispering: Finding Ourselves in the Company of Equus

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