In 1967, when I began exploration of alternatives to drugs and surgery for management of chronic pain, I had no idea how far from conventional medicine it would take me. By 1973, I realized that a vast majority of human problems are the result of unhealthy behavior and cumulative stress, to a great extent not living spiritual ideals. That year Reverend Henry Rucker and I founded the Science of Mind Church of Chicago and Henry became a pastoral counselor at the first holistic pain clinic started by me at St. Francis Hospital in LaCrosse. Eventually that church became The Intentional Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing.

Over the next five years it became obvious to me that the greatest problem in conventional medicine was the avoidance of the fact that 90% of Americans believe in God, Soul and the Golden Rule, the essentials of spirituality. Thus in May, 1978, we started the American Holistic Medical Association. I had hoped that at least 10% of physicians would eventually become open to this common sense concept. Although AHMA continues and I am delighted that it is about to celebrate its 29th anniversary, over 99% of physicians have remained more brain washed than ever by the PharmacoMafia.

Health and even recovery of health is not often dependent upon drugs or surgery. Yes, in about 15% of situations, conventional medicine is essential to save life or function. But it is lifestyle habits that account for 85% of all illnesses. These lifestyle behaviors ignore simple spiritual principles:

  • Physical life, as we know it, is dependent upon the soul
  • The body is the temporary temple of the soul
  • Proper respect for the body includes healthy nutrition, physical activity and a positive attitude
  • Healing is most often accomplished when these principles are restored
  • The personal self is treated with respect and dignity
  • Other people are treated equally well

Some 15 years ago Caroline Myss and I recognized the need for a graduate program which teaches these broad spiritual principles, including spiritual healing and all aspects of Energy Medicine. In 2001 that program evolved into Holos University Graduate Seminary, under the auspices of the International Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing. With a faculty of 28 outstanding experts in the broad fields of spirituality and Energy Medicine, the school offers Masters of Theology and Doctors of Theology, as well as specialized Certificate Programs. The school operates in compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri and is accredited by the New Thought Accreditation Commission. The program is mostly distance learning with some residential components. Students may begin their studies in late March or late September. Our graduates can apply the principles that have guided me in working with many thousands of individuals. They are Holistic Health practitioners, emphasizing spiritual direction, pastoral and intuitive counseling and integration of body, mind and spirit.

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