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As you may realize after reading this response, I LOVE IT!!! Reproduced with permission but anonymously.


LISTEN  to the Patient?



Oh, MY. 

You hit the nail on the head. That is my chief BEEF!


How far we have strayed from good old common sense.


Recently, unsatisfied with what my insurance pick had landed me, ( luck of the draw) I tried to switch doctors.



 Well, it was out of the frying pan into the fire. I ended up with worse. 

I’ll spare you the details but it was an abomination of what medicine is supposed to be and I can assure you I will never go back. It made me very angry. Not to mention discouraged.


To make matters worse, now compliance requires them to sit there tapping on a laptop robotically asking you truly stupid questions regurgitating what’s already on there.


Not once did this so called doctor ask me how I was feeling or how she could help me. And when I tried to talk about my concerns she dismissed me just focusing on what was already in chart and the crap that the last so called doctor had written there. She was robotic, defensive and never smiled. Amd she CERTAINLY DIDN’T LISTEN !!

And the things she said to me, Norm, you wouldn’t believe it.


Like when I said I was looking forward to regaining my strength and restoring myself to radiant health she said, “You may never.” Based on nothing except her own bias.




My anger caught up with me later and I wanted to clock her! But you know, if you challenge them in any way they’ll put ” difficult patient” in your chart!

Just like the Seinfeld episode;-)


People like this do not deserve to be called doctor. They should be called,

Inhuman, Unfeeling, Purveyors of Fear, Death and Poison, Evil, in Service to the Dark Side!


So now you can see why I appreciate you so much!!


? ???



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