More responses of suggestions than to any enews I have written! Below is a listing of the suggestions I received from so many readers:

Best product is TIM from The Heritage Store. It is an old-time Edgar Cayce remedy with tobacco in it. It will help heal overnight.

Over the years I have experienced hemorrhoids. Occasionally it appears that they were clinically induced such as pregnancy and poor diet, etc. However, there have been times when one would pop up and there were no physical reasons for it. My friend and I explored other explanations. We found that in Chinese medicine hemorrhoids represent “anger”.

So on those occasions where there was nothing obviously physical to cause them I have had a meeting with myself and explored and ask a question is there anything bothering me that I am not dealing with to cause this?

Every time I have done this something shows me that I have emotionally hidden something which has manifested in my body. Hence- your biography becomes your biology.
Perhaps you could share this if you think it may help others as I know for certain it has helped me. As a matter of fact as soon as I acknowledge what is bothering me and deal with it the hemorrhoids disappear without other treatment instantly.

It is the best way I have found to deal with a ” pain in my a**.”

Rutin is very, very effective.

I wanted to let you know that we have a couple of people that have received amazing results with their hemmorrhoids using the Kyani Nitro Xtreme directly on the hemorrhoids both externally and internally.  One lady had hemmorrhoids her whole life and was I her 80s and got relief from using. Nitro Xtreme.

Last year I got a huge hemorrhoid, and after a week of really not knowing what to do about it – I had a brainwave!

Over here you can get French green clay.  or

It’s already made up into a stiffish paste in a tube. I put a walnut-sized amount on a cotton surgical dressing – the kind of weave you put on burns folded the paste in that and put it in place for the night with some underwear over it to keep it in place. Wow!  It was fantastic!  First of all, the heat died down as the clay absorbed it – wow that instantaneous coolness when it had been burning for over a week!.  I put another one in place every night and also during the day when I could. It only took A WEEK  to get it down from the size of a golf ball to nothingness, and I haven’t had it since and if I do get another one, I certainly know what to do about it.

I had the surgical banding; in the past, the knife too… a device called AnuIce seemed to work fairly well, but the elimination of “wheat”, nuts and grains (and seeds) seems to be the best be going!

How about Probiotics (10 billion units capsule) last thing before going to bed with a huge glass of water, tonight and every night from now on?  It works miracles for my family and myself.

A few scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of Pycnogenol:

One remedy I have heard is to make suppositories of RED skin potatoes and insert. It shrinks the hemorrhoids

And there is immense help with homeopathy. Just to add to the mix.

Can you address internal vs. external hemorrhoids? There’s nothing here about internal.

Use Emu Oil.  You promote it on your show and it works wonders!!  I know from personal experience.  Childbirth can be a reason for hemorrhoid’s but Emu Oil works.

The Amish recommend putting a garlic clove several inches into the rectum and leave it there. It will be expelled after the next bowel movement. Then insert another one. This has eliminated any future trouble with hemorrhoids. I have not personally field tested this one as I’ve never had my problems “behind me” as of yet, but it sounds like an interesting project.

One cause of hemorrhoids you did not mention was childbirth. Both my mother and I developed these as a result of the force we used to push our babies out during the birthing process.

A clove of garlic inserted into the anus works well.

Another use of garlic: when my daughter came to me (adopted, a week old), I had to get an MD to sign a form for the adoption to be finalized. She told me that she had an ear infection. I panicked, wondering how I was going to escape her office without my one-week-old daughter being plowed with antibiotics. I asked the good doc if she would give me a week to cure it on my own, and then would bring back my baby for re-assessment. She agreed (she was an agreeable doc, unlike so many of them). I came home, sautéed garlic in olive oil, and drizzled the warm garlic-infused oil into her ear a few times during the course of the day. I think it only took 2 days to cure it. The doc signed the form, and she was been mine and all mine for 21 years now.

Edgar Cayce had a remedy for hemorrhoids.  He said to stand erect on tiptoes extend arms up and bend over from the waist.

I have had some success with acupuncture point GV20 for this condition. You may want to pass this on!

Coconut oil! Got this from a nurse at a retirement facility. Every morning. It works!

I’m not a hemorrhoid sufferer either, but many years ago was asked to make an aromatherapy blend to help a young person that was in dire need.  It worked and this product has caught on.  (My husband named it The End Result!) My website is down temporarily which gives all the info on the product but folks can reach me at  This product works!  Ingredients are Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Myrtle, Blue Cypress and Blue Tansy.  This blend is also good for acne, bug bites/stings, bruises, aftershave, etc.

There is an FDA-approved treatment for hemorrhoids by Dr. McGee who is the author of Healing Therapies of Heat and Light.  It is an anal heater which not only treats hemorrhoids but also increases immunity by stimulating the acu-points with heat in the anus.  There is a prostate length probe as well, and anal cancer and prostate cancer responds well to this due to the hyperthermia effects.  I have been using this for decades with excellent results for the immune system. I had an apical tooth abscess (documented on x-ray) heal with only the anal heater, no antibiotics, for example.  I recommend it to my patients with T-cell immune problems from silicone.  Dr. McGee was one of the first MD’s to understand vibrational medicine.

About hemorrhoids -I sometimes get them and Edgar Cayce remedy for that works for me – you stretch up onto your toes (arms reaching toward the ceiling)then you bend over still on your toes – touch the floor if you can – I get as close as I can. I usually do this 3 times before I go to bed, and after a day or two maybe three, my hemorrhoids are back to normal. If you check the Association for Research and Enlightenment website – I am sure you could find his exact instructions


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