C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D

Almost everything in the Medical System is a financial scam–drugs, hospital costs, insurance, lab tests, etc. But other than cancer drugs–which hold the world record for pure greed–hearing aids are right up there with the worst of the best!
About 8 years ago, I finally gave in and went for hearing aid testing. Two hours and $5,000 later I was fitted with “the best,”theoretically guaranteed for 3 years. With mechanical problems more regular than brushing your teeth. and CONSTANT EAR IRRITATION AND INFECTIONS,I GAVE UP AND CONSULTED yet another firm. They said I should never have been given the first type of aid. Just $3500 later the right type turned out to be even more of a problem, dropping out with simple turning of my head, etc. A third firm provided yet another “right type” for only another $3500. Great bargain. Frequent fall-outs, ear irritation, etc. $12,000 down the drain and no help.

Finally in desperation, I ordered from Heartland USA a single hearing aid for $39.95. It works better than any of the others, is a little bit larger, but who cares? I was then able to get a second one for $19.95—on sale. Now these may not be fancy enough for the most fatidious BUT for this price I could buy a pair every week for the cost of the big name brands!

Whisper Sound Amplifier Item No. WW22-42810

OK, it is not attractive but neither were the big $$ ones!



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