Some months ago I asked:

Here is the most comprehensive response:

Good question; it is amazing isn’t it how we are shown some simple choices and so many do not make them. Though your reference that psychotherapy cannot ‘motivate’ others to take more responsibility for their health; it could get someone in touch with why they make the choices they do.

We are a culture of instant gratification; Hence the nightmarish selection of drugs, posed as the best answer for “whatever ails ya”. We are seduced (at great expense for marketing expenses) into thinking we need to look better and feel better if we do not match the posted images of perfection via magazines, TV, movies, info-mercials and other ads. There is a panic-aspect of getting there immediately and with little effort, promoted in these images.

So, now back to the choices made by many. What do you believe?
Old-age has been aligned with uselessness and lack of value and
depicted with rounded backs, shuffling steps, loss of eyesight,
difficulty in hearing, and loss of memoryfor centuries in this country.
So, why bother; nothing you can do about it but die.

I have made choices for a long time in my life, regarding my health
and appearance in which I have taken responsibility for the outcome
and avoided drugs in any way, shape or form. I became even more educated and conscious over time and became my healthiest and most attractive during the last year and a half. (Am now 66.)

Now that I explore my answers to your question, I am mystified at my dedication to my
own health. Why? Because I have had fairly low self esteem for most of the time I have been aware of what low self esteem is! ( Perhaps you have some suggestions for solving that mystery?)

However, now that I am experiencing so much energy and vitality, it is the key to maintaining these choices and even being able to influence others who see what I look like, how I have changed and “want what she’s having”.

So what did motivate me to change my diet, move up to a 4th floor walk-up apartment,
do water aerobics whenever possible/and/or walk the neighborhood and have all my clothes taken in at the waist in the last couple of months? Was it love for self, desire to live a long and vital life,
to fly in the face of the ugly-aging image?? Perhaps all of these.

For several decades, I have been studying those who inspire me. Reading, watching,
meeting those already successfully healthy and youthful, YOU and two of your books,LIFE BEYOND 100 & 90 DAYS TO STRESS-FREE LIVING; John Robbins, Jorge Cruise, Dr. Loren Cordain, The Firm, yoga (different styles during 40 years),..AND tuning into MY feelings and listening to MY body. When many said running is the answer, I listened when my body said..”not for you” and fad diets, pills, and other gimmicks got the same answer.

I still don’t know the ‘motivation key’. Many make changes in their choices by experiencing
a life defying illness ,an accident, or by watching a loved one succumb;that seems to me, the hard way and the ‘last resort’.

Okay, the bottom-line apparent to me is love of self along with
the preciousness of FEELING
AND LOOKING GOOD. Anything you put ahead of this
isn’t a good choice. You are worth it, you inspire others from this vantage point, and
you can do more good in the world by being this example and by having the energy necessary to do so! (LIKE YOU!!)

Sorry it took so long to complete and send this; thanks for asking!
Incidentally, her answer moved me to send her my CD on Self-Esteem.


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