By Roy Heilbron, M.D. & Jim Healthy

To the few physicians with common sense and experience, chelation has been a major player in reducing heart disease for over 40 years. The ESTABLISHMENT, owned by the PharmacoMafia, has vigorously denied the benefits and often severely discredited or even disbarred those using chelation, perhaps even more so since the introduction of the statin poisons.

Now, with the completion of a $31 million seven year NIH study, chelation:

  • Prevents heart attacks by 23%
  • Prevents diabetes heart complications by 39%
  • Prevents heart complications after MI by 37%
  • And much more

If your physician is still constipated an uninformed, I would personally go to New Mexico for treatment by Dr. Heilbron, one of the most comprehensive holistic Physicians known! Heilbron@mac.com

Interestingly, Dr. Heilbron has also produced a DVD, UNLEADED

Note the mecca of the ESTABLISHMENT’s response to this phenomenal report:

However, chelation therapy for heart disease is not medically accepted.

Chelation therapy offers small, if any, benefit for heart disease …

    www.health.harvard.edu ‘ Harvard Health Blog, March, 2013


So much for honesty & integrity!!!!!!


Obviously there are many natural approaches to preventing coronary atherosclerosis, but once you have this problem, chelation may well save your life

Interestingly, I cannot locate the book on Amazon but you can get it from Dr. Heilbron. Heilbron@mac.com

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