Graduate Degrees in Complementary, Alternative & Holistic Healing
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Over 15 years ago Caroline Myss and I decided that the best way to promote excellent research in the field was to create a graduate program. Eventually that led to Holos University Graduate Seminary. Caroline and I have focused on Medical and Counseling Intuition, and I continue also to explore the broad field of Energy Medicine.

The guiding principles of Holos University offer a balanced approach of self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and service that substantiate and integrate all three aspects of the body/mind/spirit healing triad.

Holos University uses blended distance learning in which most of the academic learning is done working with instructors using email, conference calls, and webinars. There are some courses that require attendance at a 1 – 3 day residency program. Most residencies take place the second month of each semester during Campus Week on the Unity Village Campus near Kansas City, Missouri (

Watch a brief video – What is Holos University:

Holos University Graduate Seminary awards the Masters of Theology (ThM) and the Doctorate of Theology (ThD) in Spirituality and Holistic Health, as well as Certificate tracks. The Basic Degree plan may be supplemented with one of four Special Emphasis Tracks: Integrative Healthcare; Medical and Counseling Intuition; Spiritual Direction; and Transformational Psychology. The Integrative Healthcare Track, emphasizing CAM aspects of Holistic Health, may be of special interest to Clayton students. The selection of which track to select is best made at the end of the first semester; it is best to concentrate the first semester on core requirements for all tracks.

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