C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.When I went on a tour for my book LIFE BEYOND 100, I found that 40% of Americans were clinically depressed and another 40% have what I call subclinical depressive miasma. Asked why so many people are depressed, I responded:
“For 5000 years every religion in the world has put women down. For 2000 years the CHURCH has preached that everyone is conceived in and born in sin! WHAT GARBAGE. The most evil action of men out to control everyone.”
Indeed, it is difficult to understand how anyone can have good self-esteem with such a pervasive message. I repeatedly tell people:
“If you have not murdered anyone, raped anyone, robbed anyone or purposefully harmed anyone, you have nothing of which to be ashamed or of which to feel guilt.”

Over 30 years ago Ann Landers had an article reporting that 70% of thousands of people who had written her wished that they had never had children! With recent research showing the tremendous influence of the mother’s mind/mood/experiences during pregnancy, we see the additional negative influences of the pervasive societal put downs.

Now we have the hilariously funny reaction to the TSA fiasco, “Don’t touch my junk.” Here again turning genitalia into something negative—fits right in with the hypocrisy of the Church!

Perhaps I escaped the ecclesiastical nonsense because I have an inherent rebel warrior who considers honesty more important than form. I sense that at most 15% of individuals are basically sociopaths or psychopaths, because the societal, environmental damage done to them pre-birth and in early childhood prevents them from being redeemable in this life. Those individuals create a majority of the problems in the world, amplifying the negativity of the Church. But 85% of people are good individuals trying to overcome the negativity of society. Tom Harris was correct when he wrote I’M OK; YOU’E OK.

We are sacred beings, souls incarnated in our personal holy temple, our body!?Indeed, God does not create junk!


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