The Future of Energy Medicine

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

The concept of Energy Medicine began officially when Dr. Elmer Green and a few colleagues founded the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine just a few decades ago. No one title has so perfectly integrated all healing modalities.

Interestingly, a sign of the times is the recent placing of ISSSEEM into hibernation, as the annual meeting, the foundation for the organization, did not provide adequate income.

Thornton Streeter has organized Energy Medicine 2012 on Facebook and I encourage all to join this important movement. In general, I personally consider Energy Medicine to include all healing except drugs and surgery, which are so manipulated by the PharmacoMafia and the Establishment.


Here is a partial overview of EM:

The two most comprehensive books on Energy Medicine-that have the most fields covered are LIFE FORCE-the Scientific Basis:

Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness– BY Claude Swanson
ENERGY MEDICINE: Practical Applications and Scientific Proof by me.

Essentially, we would have to get an expert from every culture to list all the variations on the theme of healing without drugs or surgery

The major foundations are:

* Pranic healing
* Ayurvedic Medicine
* Acupuncture
* Sleep Temples
* Qi Gong
* Tai Chi
* Dowsing
* All aspects of parapsychology
* Paracelsus
* Harold Saxton Burr’s L-field
* Orgonomy
* Hypnosis
* Homeopathy
* Radionics
* Magnetic Healing
* Spiritual Healing, which includes “psychic surgery”, Reiki,
Therapeutic Touch, etc
* Sound Therapy
* Crystal Therapy
* Nutrition , supplements and herbs
* Biofeedback and guided imagery
* Intention
* Various Energy Psychology approaches, such as EFT and many variations
* All body therapies
* Essential oils
* Electrotherapy
* Magnetic therapy
* Kinesiology
* Heart Math

If you are interested in the Future of Energy Medicine, I suggest you join the Energy Medicine group on Facebook


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