Despite all the angst over the shortage of flu vaccine, I am certainly not worried. In fact I do not get such a shot, despite the fact that I am exposed to many individuals, travel a lot and am over the age ‘recommended’ for vaccination.

There are a host of reasons. First, many individuals have a reaction that feels like a case of the flu. I just saw a young Physical Therapist who was still feeling fluey a week after a flu shot. Secondly, my friend, Dr. Dave Morris, demonstrated to my satisfaction over 25 years ago that the BEST way to receive the vaccine is a dose of only 0.1 cc intradermally, repeated once a week for three weeks. THIS METHOD IS SAFER, AT LEAST AS EFFECTIVE, and MINIMIZES REACTIONS. And we would have a surplus of vaccine, even with the current ‘shortage,’ because the amount required is less.

Although Dr. Mercola objects vociferously to all vaccines, including that for influenza (see I think the solution listed above is an immediate solution for those who wish to be vaccinated. I am not opposed to having the vaccination, if you wish to do so.

There are also other good methods for strengthening the immune system. Of course these include eating real food, avoiding fast food junk, MSG, pop, and sugar. Eat lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of non-chlorinated water. In addition, in winter especially, everyone should take at least 1000 units of vitamin D3; 2 grams of vitamin C, one gram of MSM, one tablespoon of glucan and100 mg of Co-Q 10. Wash your hands thoroughly, frequently. Take hot soaks, especially with a cup of castor oil in the tub. Super for enhancing immune function. Be careful—you must wash yourself and the tub thoroughly with a good cheap shampoo, twice, before getting out of the tub.

Keep on hand in the freezer a supply of Flumadine. At the first symptom of flu, take one twice daily for 5 days. In fact, there is good evidence for prevention of flu by taking one Flumadine daily. Of course that is not practical for the entire flu season but it does work well when you are going to be heavily exposed.

This approach is by far the best I know for preventing flu. Of course, even with the vaccine or these approaches, some will develop flu. The ideal treatment, if Flumadine does not stop it within a day, is to have intravenously, over a period of an hour, 25 grams of vitamin C with one gram of magnesium chloride, one gram of calcium chloride, 100 mg of B complex, 250 mg of dex-panthenol. Most acute viral illnesses respond rapidly to this treatment, repeated up to five times in severe cases. I believe most of the pneumonia and death from flu could be avoided with this approach.

Finally, you can optimize your health all year by practicing good deep relaxation and self-regulation, such as that taught in my book 90 DAYS TO STRESS-FREE LIVING.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. Register and get his book 90 Days To Self-Health free

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