The Floral Hand of God-Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed                                        

By Dr. Brent Davis, Nature Force Publishing, 550 Rosedale Avenue, Nashville, TN 37211

The Floral Hand of God represents the most important advance in flower remedies since their inception in modern times — perhaps the most scientifically validated homeopathic type approach ever disclosed. More importantly, here are unique, safe ways to replace stress with health and happiness.

I recently had the great fortune to spend a couple of days with Brent Davis, D.C., not only testing and experiencing his flower remedies but also learning his improved screening technique, Holographic Scanning. Holographic Scanning is a very fast way of matching appropriate and indicated uncut flower essences to the individual consumer. Once you have experienced the power of the subconscious revealed in this way, your understanding of the subconscious influence is transformed! I highly recommend that all practitioners learn this, and that health conscious consumer’s benefit from the important insights presented!

Beyond his description of using kinesiology to discover the way that special flowers can improve our life, he also presents the result of vigorous testing of the flower essences by Dr. William Tiller, the physicist I most trust in the world. Equally impressive are before and after photographs of 3 individuals who took the special Flower Essences that Dr. Davis formulates. The proof of efficacy is impressive.

The essences themselves consist of unique flowers collected around the world in remote locations that would not be available to ordinary individuals. Indeed, his tales of the journey itself are worth the read. The specific Flower Remedies offer:

  • Immediate stress and anxiety relief-Combination # 1
  • Turn you intentions into reality-Combination # 2
  • An effective way to overcome energy blocks that restrict your spiritual progress-Combination # 3
  • Remove negative sabotaging and often forgotten negative memories-Combination #4
  • Expand your confidence into certainty-Combination # 5
  • Mend the hole in your heart after the loss of a loved one-HeartMend

Overall, I encourage you to take advantage of this simple, safe approach to clearing emotional impediments!

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