Almost two decades ago, I discovered one of my most important approaches to health — stimulation of these 12 acupuncture points:

• Kidney 3, bilaterally
• Conception vessels 2, 6 and 18
• Bladder 22, bilaterally
• Master of the Heart (Pericardium) 6, bilaterally
• Large Intestine 18, bilaterally
• Governing Vessel 20

I found that over a 12 week period, stimulation of these points with 75 decibels of human DNA frequency (54 to 78 GHz), 3 minutes per pair of points daily, led to an average increase in DHEA of 60% (range 30 to 100%). Incidentally, this was in addition to what we got with the progesterone cream. Later I discovered that a combination (Youth Formula) of vitamin C, MSM,? molybdenum and beta 1,3 glucan raised DHEA another 50%. And, magnesium chloride applied transdermally raised DHEA another 60%. The 4 techniques together raised DHEA 250% OVER BASELINE!

Then, I used this approach on obvious “Fire” diseases, with these results:
• 70 % of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which had failed conventional medicine, improved dramatically
• 75% of patients with frequent migraine improved 75% in reduction of migraine
• 70% of depressed patients came out of depression
• 70% of patients with chronic back pain improved
• 80% of patients with diabetic neuropathy improved markedly in pain and at least 25% had improvement in sensory loss and reduction in diabetic meds

Most people will not take the 18 minutes daily to stimulate the Ring of Fire electrically!! However, I am delighted to announce that a specific blend of Essential Oils, Fire BLISS, raises DHEA!!? It will take me months to evaluate it in the conditions where electrical stimulation worked—rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, depression, back pain, diabetic neuropathy. BUT, considering ease and expense, Fire BLISS is well worth using “just” to raise DHEA!!

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