FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH – EXPOSING THE FDA’S BETRAYAL OF AMERICA – By Byron J. Richards, Wellness Resource Books, Minneapolis, 2006, $17.95

Fight for Your Life and Freedom might be the real story. As the author states in the introduction ”-the FDA spent the last hundred years boosting the profits of the drug companies and eliminating competition to those companies-”. This story begins with the sordid tale of none other than John D. Rockefeller, the original Robber Baron, sometimes called ”the most ruthless American.” Rockefeller profited in the Civil War by selling unstamped liquor to federal troops at a high profit. This provided him the foundation to launch control of the petroleum industry as Standard Oil! Rockefeller was behind every aspect of the immoral, irreligious, humanist movement, including eugenics and the Illuminati – with the goal of establishing a ”new world order” which wipes out governments and religions, guided by the Light of Lucifer-Satan of Greek mythology! Rockefeller funded the Humanist Manifesto and of course the Rockefeller Foundation which funded Abraham Flexner, who destroyed almost all opposition to allopathic (drugs and surgery) medicine. It is also no accident that Bush, Kerry. Edwards and many government leaders of both parties are members of Skull and Bones, a branch of the Illuminati, one founded with opium money!

Bayer, the original German company that brought us aspirin, copied the Rockefeller approach to domination and blended with IG Farben to become the dominant pharmaceutical giants early in the 20th century. And this company became the father of artificial chemical fertilizers-as well as nitrate explosives!! It was a major conspirator in the success of Adolph Hitler. And IG Farben’s semi-incestuous; behind the scenes agreement with Standard Oil helped Hitler pursue his attempt to dominate the world. Hitler failed while the PetroChemical (read Petroleum and Pharmaceutical) has now ascended! And it was Rockefeller who engineered the survival of Bayer after the war.

Bayer synthesized heroin and methadone; and many of the chemicals used in pharmaceutical narcotics come from the same chemicals used to manufacture explosives. No wonder the PharmacoMafia and Illuminati want to suppress natural sources of narcotics!!

Today, the PharmacoMafia, PetroChemical, War Industry, Multinational Food (call them the Military Industrial Complex) giants are by far the dominant economic force in the world, supported fully by Congress and Presidents of both parties. David Rockefeller, son of Nelson, has spent his life pushing globalization, including setting up the U.N. to assist the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) in its world control. I love the section ”William Jefferson Clinton – The Next Useful Idiot.” One of Clinton’s greatest achievements, supported by Newt Gingrich, was to extend pharmaceutical patent protection to avoid generic competition! The FDA is a small but critical part of the attempt by the MIC to regulate out of existence health options in favor of Disease options-pharmaceutical instead of natural approaches.

David Troy, chief Council for the FDA under George W. Bush, according to Congressman Maurice Hincher (D-NY), was paid $415,000 by Pfizer over the 3 years prior to his appointment to the FDA! Under Clinton, Big Pharma promised the FDA $200 Million-provided the FDA spent much of it on new drug approvals! The PharmacoMafia, AKA PharmacoFascists (my titles) are clearly the single greatest measurable cause of death and disability. Total pharmaceutical revenues are now over $100 Trillion each year. Illicit drugs add over half that figure, and may well be supported by the same industry (although I do not have proof of that.).

The MIC has overseen the chemical pollution of American and the planet, with PCB’s, Perchlorates, pesticides, herbicides, transfats, aspartame and many others, all for profit, none for health, and with the consent and support of the FDA. Add this to the many truly dangerous drugs, such as statins, bisphosphonates, and chemotherapeutics (an oxymoron) in general.

Meanwhile with the oversight of the Germans-home of Bayer, we have Codex, which pushes drugs and is attempting to prevent natural supplements! The FDA loves Codex which would help the FDA with its longstanding attempt to suppress all natural supplements. In order to expedite this take over, the PharmacoMafia is purchasing many nutritional companies, while suppressing the smaller ones!

Read this fine book and take action! The real war is against the terrorist Military Industrial Complex!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. Register to download your FREE autogenic focus MP3 now.

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