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The current PBS special on John F. Kennedy has raised again the issue of False Flags, a term mainly used since 9/11 but clearly related to many events in U.S. history. Of course history tells us the concept has been in use for hundreds of years!

^ “the use of a false flag has always been accepted as a legitimate ruse de guerre in naval warfare, the true battle flag being run up immediately before engaging” (Thomas, Rosamund M., ed. (1993), Teaching Ethics: Government ethics, Centre for Business and Public, p. 80, ISBN 9781871891034). from Wikipedia

In fact, Jesse Ventura, in AMERIAN CONSPIRAIES, suggested that every assassinated President was taken out because he brooked that force he did not name but most often now called The Committee of 300.

There is enough smoke from numerous authors to make it worthwhile listening to this version of False Flags by Tom Hansen, reproduced with his permission:

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