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Face Off

Now’s the time

It’s time we’ve faced

That “research” known as ‘evidence based’.

Who plays? The one who pays.

Who determines wins the race…

Drugs and more drugs-a disgrace!

Does ANYTHING warrant second place?

Miles and miles of clinical trials

Not much there?

No cash to spare

What’s that? What then?

Write a grant and start again.

Thus observe

It takes some nerve

And common horse sense, yeah that too-

Moving mountains isn’t easy

But anyway it’s up to you…

Watch and wait

Ignore the date

Abusing, confusing

Tempting fate

(Discounting what waits on one’s plate)

Everyone with eyes to see,

It’s time.


Wake up; be free!

Exerting wisdom and control

Should be every person’s goal

If still you have the will to see

Evidence rests with you and me.

Not some for-profit bureaucracy.

Georgianne S. Ginder

April 1, 2014 (April Fool’s Day)

As a rule I play no fool

Despite what’s often taught in SCHOOL

presented with permission from my favorite poetess!!!

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