Two years ago I wrote about tests I recommend. I am most delighted to update my recommendations. And the really GOOD news is that you can order these tests YOURSELF, unless you live in New York State! We won’t address why that state violates your constitutional rights!! Except for cholesterol and triglycerides your physician is unlikely to order the most important tests for basic health. And almost none of them would be able to tell you what the results mean or how to optimize them.

Here are the Essential Tests for everyone who just wants to optimize health and longevity. Obviously if you have symptoms or illness, there are other tests needed and good physicians can handle those:

  • DHEA blood test. You want your level to be in the UPPER 50% of the range! There are 4 natural methods for rejuvenating your ability to restore DHEA. See earlier newsletter (DHEA – THE YOUTH AND HEALTH HORMONE)
  • Homocysteine blood test. If above 6.0 micromoles/liter, you need at least 1 and up to 50 mg daily of Folic Acid and 1000 micrograms of B 12, as well as vitamin C (Youth Formula) and B complex (Essentials). See earlier newsletter (HOMOCYSTEINE REVISITED)
  • High Sensitivity C-reactive protein. If above 1 mg/L, you need to lower your inflammatory reactions. See 2 earlier newsletters (INFLAMMATION AND HIGH SENSITIVITY C-REACTIVE PROTEIN)
  • Cholesterol. If above 180 mg/dl, see my earlier newsletter on cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol. If below 50 mg/dl, consult the cholesterol article
  • Triglycerides. If above 100 mg/dl, cut all simple sugars and most carbohydrates as well as caffeine. Increase physical exercise. Reduce stress!
  • Fructose amine or glycolated hemoglobin. If elevated above the ”normal” range, add chromium 1000 micrograms daily; increase your exercise and deep relaxation. Cut all sugar and complex carbohydrate

Age 50:

For men, get a PSA. If it is above 2 ng/dl, add saw palmetto, 160 mg double strength extract, 4 daily. If PSA is above 4, 12 daily. Even if below 2, add at least 2 saw palmetto daily. I will be addressing this issue in a future newsletter.

Now for the really great news. In the State of Washington, all citizens can order their own lab tests. There is an excellent, reliable lab there, Meridian Valley Labs, which works with Dr. Johnathan V. Wright, my guru on nutrition! You can have your blood drawn and mailed to Meridian Valley Lab from any state except New York. New Yorkers drop down to New Jersey for mailing! Contact them for details. You are responsible for your health. Take advantage of this tremendous service!

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