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The Empire’s Old and New…Close

Every day in every way I am getting better and better…Maxim
Every day in every way WE are growing loster and loster—-My observation
The Piper and that observant boy*
Who saw the Emperor quite exposed…
Exist today
In many a way
Confusion- AND disquiet grows-
Just where she stops…somebody knows-
We follow “research,” fads and trends
And seldom ask and ponder why
Just join a fun-running team of ‘mates’
Never questioning what we do or buy
We call this new and normal too
Though neither is wise nor sane nor true
So as for me I disagree-
Thus this maxim keeps me free:
Ask me why?…Because I vie**
To think, to reason, explore,
Loster and loster?
No not I!
I decline to join that compliant roster–
Freedom and wisdom demand a choice
Expect a measured, treasured voice
Every day in every way I get better and stronger!
Just following ‘trends’ leads to dead ends…
Choose YOUR path, your food, your friends
Gain the awareness of “terrain”
Free the illness; stem the pain.
The microbiome becomes one’s gain.
* Revisit the tale/idiom of Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New (and I add True) Clothes”
**Striving to be kindfully and mindfully, emotionally and spiritually healthier
Georgianne Ginder
March 6, 2017


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