80% of all food sold in this country is JUNK and/or poison. Sugar, trans-fats, fructose, refined, altered, substitutes, MSG added are, at best, junk. Pure poison is all herbicides, pesticides, aluminum, glyphosate, arsenic, etc. Wheat is the single greatest toxic, poisoned food.

Unless you are raising your own food, it is almost impossible to know what to buy. Start by avoiding all fast food slop houses and almost all packaged food on the center aisles of stores. Buy the best fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts you can find. Starchy veggies are not needed, but sweet potatoes are the best of that category. If you can find a farmers’ market, buy meat there. Get the best fresh fish possible. For some people milk, cheese and eggs are fine. PLAIN yogurt, especially Greek, is great. Coffee and tea up to 3 cups a day are fine. Smoothies, especially with whey protein isolate and fruits and veggies are super. Dark chocolate, up to one ounce a day is fine. Have breakfast every day; easiest is a smoothie.

NON-CHLORINATED, NON-FLUORIDATED water is essential, averaging one-half ounce for every pound of weight.

Ideally, for most adults, because of the universal toxicity of the environment, 25 mg of B complex, 5000 units of D 3, 2000 mg of vitamin C, and 10 mg of astaxanthin should be taken daily.


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