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Dream Power


C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


DREAM POWER CAN OUR DREAMS MAKE US WELL?? By Mary Jo Grant, SterlingHouse Publisher, Pittsburgh. $17.95, available at


Mary Jo is a friend as well as a graduate of Holos University Graduate Seminary. Her book is the culmination of her personal experience of over 500 dreams, which assisted her in recovering from a 7 year bout of chronic pain which had defied all that conventional medicine had to offer. This inspiring book includes 41 of her most powerful dreams. I have often said that 10 dream experts would give you at least 12 interpretations of a given dream. Mary Jo is truly a dream expert whose dream interpretations were transformational! ?


Interestingly, Mary Jo developed remarkable waking dreams, spontaneous imagery that led her to recovery. I am most grateful to have played a small part in her journey, which began with our Biogenics training program. Of course, her development of powerful archetypal patterns is itself unique and one of the reasons her work is so important. DREAM POWER is a true story of the benefits of the holistic approach to all illness.?


The results of her dream work provide an example of the transformative power of the mind-body-spirit. Indeed she became her own therapist. Now she is continuing as a spiritual inspirational speaker. Her work suggests in-depth Jungian insight, truly guided by her own wise guides. If you have never benefited from your own dreams, I urge you to read this book and use it as a catalyst for your own journey to Individuation. In many respects this is a story of self-therapy at its finest.


I quote just one of her poetic dreams:

A wise One beckons me off my path. He tells me that he and his friends are helping to build my spiritual house. He says that I may come in the house but that it is not quite finished.

I enter through a door marked Wisdom under an arch called Protection. The floors are Faith covered with Humility. The walls are Pure Intuition covered with Discernment. The roof is woven of Love and Integrity A large plant grows in the middle of the room. Three large white roses are in bloom. They are Fulfillment, Health and Hope There is a balcony all around called Vision and Insight.

This image is, I believe, a classic work of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that this building of my spiritual house was crucial and timely in my healing.


I encourage you to read, enjoy and build your own Spiritual House!


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