Meet Dr. Sergey Shealy-Sorin


Dr. Sergey Leo Shealy-Sorin M.D., 2020 Holistic Physician of the year, is a world renowned holistic healthcare advocate. After putting his own stage 3 colon cancer into remission, Dr. Shealy-Sorin has dedicated his life to sharing holistic healthcare & healing information with the world. Meeting Dr. Norm Shealy as his mentor in 2015 has been a defining moment in his life.

He now devotes his time to honoring the legacy of Dr. Norm Shealy’s incredible healing contributions to the world as the medical director of Real Holistic Doc by sharing the healing modalities and information as far and as wide as possible. You will hear him saying his key phrase at the end of every conversation, “Blessings”. Dr. Sorin states “There is no greater honor I could imagine than following in my mentor’s footsteps and being a true holistic healthcare provider and teacher for the world.”

Sergey Shealy-Sorin, M.D. DABFM, is a holistic doctor, author, lecturer, and Medical Director of the world renowned Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. He was recently selected as Top Doctor of the Year in Holistic Medicine by the International Association of Top Professionals, IAOTP for his outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to the healthcare profession.

As of 2021 Dr. Sergey has officially changed his full name to "Dr. Sergey Leo Shealy-Sorin" to honor his soul brother & medical partner Dr. C. Norman Shealy.

Dr. Shealy-Sorin has been the recipient of the Kalberman Award for Excellence in Chemistry and has an advanced certificate in Health Care Management from SUNY Health Science Center at Stony Brook University.

He has served as Medical Director at the Bath, NY VA Hospital as well as several other organizations including Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Tri-State Surgical Weight Loss Practice and Delphi/Workfit Healthcare.

He has served as a Medical Director at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Bath, NY as well serving in administrative capacity at Delphi Healthcare.

He is currently CEO and Medical Director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, also known as International Institute of Holistic Medicine, which is the world’s premier Holistic Clinic continuing the work and almost 5 decade legacy of C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D, developer of TENS, spinal cord stimulation, Biogenics and Transcutaneous Acupuncture among other health innovations.

Upon receiving a life-changing diagnosis and successful treatment of colon cancer in 2007, he shifted his focus to the broad field of Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Shealy-Sorin's areas of expertise include Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. His holistic approach includes pain management, anxiety, depression, chronic disease management, general wellness, holistic counseling, life optimization, hormone therapy, anti-aging & regenerative medicine. He is actively involved in clinical research projects and scientific developments.

Dr. Shealy-Sorin is known for learning and sharing the most current, cutting-edge science and healing modalities, as well as studying longevity, vitality, self-regulation, telomeres and the retraining of the central nervous system.

Dr. Shealy-Sorin is a published author, both in books and articles on nutrition, health and wellness.

He is actively involved in clinical research projects as well as several upcoming patents and scientific developments together with Dr. Shealy and is always learning and sharing the latest cutting edge science and healing modalities.

Together with Dr. Shealy, Dr. Shealy-Sorin is a sought after speaker and keynote presenter at various National and International conferences and Holistic Organizations and serves as faculty at the Holos University Graduate Seminary and the Graduate Institute in CT.

He is co-Host of the 30 year Shealy-Sorin Wellness weekly radio show in Springfield, MO.

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