C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.



Recently I ordered, from Amazon, Organic Beet Root Powder. It arrived labeled, STARWEST BOTANICALS and under the label was Origin: China. I was shocked and there is no circumstance under which I will knowingly eat anything from China! Their toys and dog foods have created enough trouble.



This issue has serious implications. This country has more than enough cropland to raise food for our population. Currently a huge portion of our cropland is WASTED growing corn for alcohol. Producing far less energy than the energy needed to grow the corn! Insanity, but what can you expect from the government?



Then we have the constant presence of poisons pushed by the head of the Evil Empire, MonSatan, poisoning every drop they can get their dirty hands on. Pigs and chickens raised in this country sent to China by Smithfield for processing and then shipped back here. It is almost impossible to find canned mushrooms grown in this country. And so it goes.



For 45 years I have lived on a farm, able to raise a great deal of my own food. Although I can raise all the beets I want, I am not prepared to dehydrate them to produce powder. I have found it difficult to raise mushrooms. When I choose to order something online, I expect transparency so that I will not order anything from China! Prior to World War II, 95% of all food was grown within 50 miles of those consuming it. The time has come to resurrect that practice!!!



I plan on continuing to ask and to call deception what it is!!!!! Greed, Lies, Blasphemy!

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