Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

DIABETES and Metabolic Syndrome
Body Mass Index MUST be within 19 to 24


  • Dr. Shealy’s Essentials, according to body weight
  • Chromium picolinate or Tri-Chromium, 1000 micrograms daily
  • Gugulipid, 250 mg, 3 daily
  • Gymnema, 250 mg, 3 daily
  • Zinc picolinate, 50 mg
  • Calcium citrate, 1500 mg daily
  • Magnesium lotion, 2 teaspoons on skin twice daily
  • Check your temperature – if it is below 98.6 orally, you need iodine-Iodoral, one daily

EXERCISE – You must start and build to a MINIMUM of one hour daily! Minimum goal is equivalent of walking 4 miles in 60 minutes at least 6 days a week!

Do the 90 DAYS TO STRESS-FREE LIVING book program! Visualize your ideal weight.

Those on insulin or anti-diabetic meds must exercise caution in using Gugulipid and Gymnema, as these can lower blood sugar. If you are on anti-diabetic meds, I would recommend these only with careful monitoring of blood sugars, preferably under the direction of an holistically oriented physician or Nurse Practitioner.


  • Natural progesterone cream
  • Stimulate Ring of Fire with SheLi TENS


  • 2 eggs
  • 3 strips of bacon, or sausage or ham
  • 2 oz of fruit juice
  • Coffee or tea, with cream if desired


Lunch and Dinner

  • Meat, fish or fowl
  • Non-starchy vegetable with butter
  • Salad with lots of dressing
  • One glass of skimmed milk once a day
  • Tea or coffee, cream OK but no sweetener!