Because of the course of human events, it has become necessary to declare the unity of Earth and all living things. We join together to save Earth and ourselves from our excessive self-interest. We will use our creativity to develop a world where all living things are free to enjoy the resources and beauty of Earth, while at the same time assuring the healthy continuation of Earth.

We hold these truths to be self evident; that all living things are created with the right to enjoy Earth and receive sustenance; all are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the realization of Happiness; that to secure these rights we recognize that the denial of the rights of any living thing affects the rights of all.

Nations are legitimized by their ability to promote these rights for all life now and in the future. Nations should exist for the purpose of recognizing and serving the unity of life. To the extent that they promote primarily their own identity, they inhibit the recognition and implementation of this unity. Extreme identification with any part of the whole, be it nation, religion, race, color, or Earth is detrimental to individual and collective peace.

We have changed life on Earth. We have converted valuable resources into waste products. We have threatened the very existence of life with our weapons of mass destruction and with our mass pollution. We have let our desire for independence interfere with our innate qualities of goodness and love. We have been lured into the belief that our individual lives are more important than the lives of others.

We now choose to change our approach to each other and to all of life. We vow to eliminate our over-identification with the particular national, social, political, religious, and economic structures we have created. We vow to create a new sense of cooperation that values the life force within everything. We pledge our lives to creating a world where all beings can more easily remember our natural freedom, unity, and goodness.

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