Death is Not A Side Effect

DEATH is not a “Side Effect”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Every known drug has a significant list of “side effects”, an oxymoron created by the PharmacoMafia to make the COMPLICATIONS seem minor! The July, 2000 JAMA reported that 106,000 Americans DIE each year from PRESCRIBED drugs. Many of us believe that is a severe understatement. Problems are often blamed on the illness—even death, when in fact the drug was the major cause.

Now, there is a rational need for some drugs, but in every case there is a risk! And the idea of giving drug after drug to control symptoms created be a different drug is beyond absurd. Please always go to the internet and read ALL the “side effects” listed for any drug and decide on the seriousness of the illness versus the risk of the drug!

Prescription drugs taken as directed kill 100,000 Americans a year. That’s one person every five minutes. How did we get here?

As a result, one in 20 U.S. adults admits to having abused prescription narcotics. The drugs most abused, according to the CDC, are “drugs such as Vicodin ( hydrocodone ), OxyContin (oxycodone), Opana ( oxymorphone ), and methadone . Overdoses of opioid prescription drugs now kill more people in the U.S. than do overdoses from heroin and cocaine combined. In 2010, pharmacies sold enough of these opiate-based prescription drugs to give everyone in the U.S. a typical 5-milligram dose of hydrocodone every four hours for one month they abused prescription drugs in the last year.

Comparing the five years (2001-2005) with the five years (2006-2010) finds that the number of deaths grew by +66.7% for the second time frame as compared to first. For the same comparative spans, serious patient leaped by almost three quarters (+77.5%).


“AERS Patient Outcomes by Year,” Food and Drug Administration (Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, March 31, 2010).
FDA Adverse Drug Effects

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD on Prescription Drug Abuse
Nov 8, 2011 – Their overmedicating of the American public through obscene advertising leads to nearly 100000 deaths per year! Prescription drugs are more …
Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show. Fueling the surge are prescription pain and anxiety drugs that are potent, highly dangerous when combined with one another or with other drugs or alcohol. LA TIMES, Sept 17, 2011

Finally, consider these potential risks from a  commonly prescribed anti-allergy medicine:

Dry mouth, dizziness, cramps, rashes, impotence, fever, diarrhea, memory loss, pain and swelling of joints, headache, nosebleed, mouth sores, nervousness, inability to sleep, red and itchy eyes (and you thought you had that BEFORE the drug!), hives, swelling of any part of the body, hoarseness, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stroke, heart attack!


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