D 3 for Health & Longevity

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Very low levels of vitamin D 3 (below 20 nanomoles/liter) increase your risk of dying OVER 100% greater than those with even low levels of D 3. In general, 50,000 units of D once a week is the least expensive and best way to take it. Blood levels of D 3 up to 100 nanomoles/liter are safe. Levels above 100 nanomoles/liter could be risky, largely by raising blood calcium too high.

In people with normal kidney function this dosage of D 3 is safe and reduces the incidence of colds and flu over 80%. For children, I recommend 50,000 units once a month. As a SINGLE health enhancer, I know of nothing as good as D 3!! D 3 effect is synergistically enhanced with vitamin K 2, 100 mcg daily—not to be taken by those on blood “thinners”.

Vitamin D 3

Vitamin K 2

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