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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Cytomegalic virus, a member of the infamous herpes family, is perhaps second to colds and flu in frequency. And like its family members, the virus remains somewhat hidden in your body, ready to be activated at any time under stress. It can create low grade to serious damage to every organ in your body. It is particularly potent when it is active during pregnancy or major surgery, and is often activated when you receive corticosteroids for any purpose! It may lead to serious immune deficiency. AND it is significantly associated with every disease, from hypertension to coronary artery disease, many cancers, etc. In other words it weakens the resistance of the body to essentially al other diseases!

By age 80 well over 90% of individuals have antibodies to CMG. Beyond the antibody test, the only way to know whether you are being damaged by its presence is to measure the CD 4 and CD 8 cells. There are no good antibiotics for treating CMG. The essentials for preventing this ubiquitous wretch from harming you are:

  • Vitamin D 3, at least 5000 units daily or 50,000 units once a week if you weigh over 140 pounds. Below 140 pounds use 50,000 units twice a month. Children below 16 years, once a month
  • Vitamin K 2, 100 mcg daily. Under stress, at least 15 mg daily
  • Astaxanthin, 10 mg daily
  • Vitamin C at least 2000 mg daily. I prefer my Youth Formula, which has 2000 mg C and 1000 mg of MSM, far more powerful than C alone!
  • B complex at least 25 mg daily-available in my Essentials, with trace mineral, etc
  • Vitamin E, as Tocotrienols, 100 mg daily-Kyani Sunset 3 capsules
  • Otherwise good health habits such as no smoking, minimal or no alcohol, exercise at least 30 minutes daily, a minimum of 5 servings daily of fruits/vegetables, and a Body Mass Index of 18 to24! Since only 3% of all Americans have all these habits, it is even more important to do those above! 




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