Fairgrove, MO – Dr. C. Norman Shealy is the world’s leading expert in natural chronic pain relief solutions and the first physician to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain.

“A holistic approach to pain has been my focus for these many, many years,” says Dr. Shealy. “I have treated well over 30,000 people who have been failed by conventional medicine.”

A pioneer in developing safe and effective treatments for chronic pain, Dr. Shealy is considered the father of modern pain medicine. He is the inventor of both spinal cord stimulation and the TENS unit, both of which revolutionized the treatment of pain and remain the standard for managing chronic pain worldwide.

“Before spinal cord stimulation, neurosurgeons would cut the spinal cord with a razor blade. It was barbaric,” recalls Dr. Shealy. “After I introduced the spinal cord stimulator, every neurosurgeon wanted to do the procedure. That was the beginning of what got me into pain.”

50 years after the introduction of spinal cord stimulation, Dr. Shealy remains among the most forward-thinking physicians. Now 84, Dr. Shealy has passed the torch to Dr. Sergei Sorin to serve as medical director for Shealy-Sorin Wellness and continue its legacy.

“I’m still active. But the future needs someone to keep it going.”

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