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Crystal Bliss

Crystal BLISS
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


The Ring of Crystal is for overall balance of the energetic system and to assist Regeneration. I found that daily stimulation of the ROC with GHz leads to 85% reduction in free radicals within a week or less, by far the best decrease in free radicals of anything I have seen or found in the literature!

The points are:

Spleen 4, bilaterally
Gall Bladder 30.5
Conception Vessel 8.5, 14.5, 23
Governing Vessel 7.5, 14.5, 20
Gall Bladder 20, bilaterally
Gall Bladder 11, bilaterally

Unfortunately the GHz stimulator requires a prescription and it takes 21 minutes to stimulate. Most people will not do that!

I am delighted to announce the Crystal BLISS, another specific blend of essential oils reduces free radicals, so you can do it in 2 thirty second applications daily!~! This marks the fourth successful mixture to activate each of the Rings tested so far.

Reducing free radicals may be the single most important health enhancer known!


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