I am now available at the National Institute of Holistic Medicine, Springfield, Missouri to work with individuals with

  • Chronic pain which has not responded to conventional treatment
  • Depression or anxiety which has not responded to conventional treatment
  • Electromagnetic Dysthymia– EMD is a generalized disorder of chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and a significantly weakened immune system
  • Chronic problems that have not responded to conventional therapy.
  • Those with cardiovascular and heart problems should consult Dr. Roy Heilbron.

These are the major problems in the over 30,000 patients with whom I have worked. The minimum treatment program, in Springfield, Missouri, is 8 hours daily for 5 days and in some cases it requires two weeks. After initial consultation, treatment will consist of use of the

  • Liss Cranial Stimulator
  • TENS
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • Activation of the 5 Rings
  • Energy Genesis
  • Photostimulation
  • Biogenics Retraining of the nervous system
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Thermal therapy
  • Personalized exercise
  • Massage and Therapeutic Postural Alignment

Those interested in an appointment should contact Jody Trotter, jody@holosinstitutesofhealth.com.

Since the Insurance Mafia has been an increasing problem for 30 years, this program is not available for any insurance billing!

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