An Innovation Nation Means…WHAT?

Innovation without contemplation
May send us in the wrong direction.
Innovation minus introspection
(Foolish, wasteful, somewhat distasteful)
(A fad, how sad…a tad…disgraceful)
Without reflection we may all end up-
Weaker, bankrupt, lonely, lost
With little or even no protection.
Herewith detection–
Herewith deflection-
When we are sold another trend
Follow the thread from beginning to end.
Who pays and who plays–
IS all this “Inno’ (In? No!) a welcome friend?
And if your intuition lets you know
You may decide to ask your ‘guide’-
Thinking for yourself you can select rejection.
Georgianne Ginder, CSE
 August 27, 2019
We continue to be sold another and another innovative bill of goods but how good is every newer-than-new discovery? These continual and constant trends that we are encouraged to embrace? An innovation nation? What is that anyway? (Is innovation for innovation’s sake all that safe or reliable? Even desirable? Consider too a vast mistake.)
ON THE ROAD AGAIN….I am passing “Innovation Way” in Akron, Ohio on my road trip from Illinois to Ohio. Innovation is the buzz-business that is captivating this nation seemingly everywhere we journey — as are mushrooming Cancer Centers and Hospitals, Childrens’
 Hospitals, Faster and Faster Foods, and Frankenplants masquerading as bleeding meats…Trending never ending…Oh My…Oh Why?
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