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Dr. Larry Burke just became a trainer for Elvira Lang, MD, founder of They are training healthcare professionals around the world in basic rapport, relaxation and reframing skills derived from hypnosis to reduce pain and anxiety in patients undergoing stressful medical procedures such as mammograms, breast biopsies, MRI and angiograms. Her extensive research at Harvard has proven that Comfort Talk reduces the need for medication and the complications that arise from the side effects. This approach has been used at Duke University , Ohio State University, Boston University , University of Toronto and Harvard University ,

If you want to use it for yourself, Dr. Lang has just released her first Comfort Talk App for the general public to download for free until 3/20/14. It has a variety of short self-hypnosis exercises that you can have on your iPhone or iPad for whenever you need them. She is also publishing a book Managing Your Medical Experience for lay audiences this summer. Hopefully, the next time you need a procedure done in a hospital you will be prepared ahead of time, and there will be a staff member who is trained in how to optimize your comfort as well as being skilled in the technical aspects of medicine.

Let magic happen,


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