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Coffee Creamer

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


All of the artificial cream substitutes are JUNK! Personally I like Gano Coffee, but as with all plain coffee, it feels like rot gut to me without cream. Gano is part black coffee and part Reishi mushroom, with only about 50 mg of caffeine per cup, less than tea. I like about one-fourth teaspoon of honey and an oz. of half and half. Recently I switched to one heaping tablespoon of Whole Milk Powder. Taste is just as good. Fat and calorie content way down. Skimmed Milk Powder does not work!

The Dried Whole Milk Powder can be used instead of milk or half and half or cream in most recipes. Still have not yet tried in Crème Brule but soon!




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