Make the Choice Between a Long and Happy Life
or a Short and Unhappy one.

A Letter from

Dr. Norman Shealy

“Pain is a part of the human experience, it could be chronic pain from a disease or injury, or the negativity of the everyday stressors that envelop our world. As we grow and live, painful feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression often become a part of who we are.

Pain is simply a part of this life and we will never entirely escape it, but we can learn to detach from it. BIOGENICSⓇ is how we can do that.”

Treating Pain Encompasses My Life’s Work

My goal has always been to help people heal. Much of my work has involved helping treat patients who suffer from chronic back pain. I’ve been working hard for decades to find another way to help patients manage their pain in a truly effective way that doesn’t require highly addictive medications.

I utilized my background in neurosurgery to create transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and spinal cord stimulation, in the mid 1960’s.

TENS Unit Therapy and Spinal Cord Stimulation

TENS Unit therapy is a method used to treat pain. This method utilizes a small device which delivers a current around nerves, resulting in a change or blocking of pain. The electrical current delivered by TENS therapy might block the transmission of pain signals or raise endorphin levels, modifying or blocking a person’s perception of pain. Pain is a message from the nerves, telling the brain that something is damaged and needs to be changed.

The goal with spinal cord stimulation is to interrupt the message and reduce the pain. Spinal cord stimulation uses a minimally invasive surgical procedure to implant a small electrical device into the spine.

This stimulator sends small, mild electrical currents to the spinal cord nerve fibers, interrupting the message before it has a chance to convert into pain sensation.

An Influx of Patients Whom I Couldn’t Help

My spinal cord stimulation procedure became extremely popular and I started to get a large influx of patients sent to me. Most patients relied heavily on strong painkillers like Valium. Many of them had also undergone numerous failed surgical procedures, making it extremely risky for me to even put a needle in their back, let alone cut them open.

I was taken aback by the number of people who needed help managing their pain, yet my contemporary methods still weren’t enough for them. I decided that there had to be a better way.

I opened my Pain Rehabilitation Center in 1971, determined to find a solution to the pain management problem that existed in modern medicine that was leaving so many people to be addicted to narcotics yet still unable to fully function.

Awakening the Mind with Autogenic Training

An out of body experience prompted a turning point in my conscious awareness in the year of 1972.

While attending a week of attunement at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E in Virginia Beach, Dr. Lindsey Jacob gave a lecture on biofeedback and autogenic training. I was given the opportunity to observe a private session of past life therapy and was mesmerized by the results. I knew that I had to try it myself.

The night he performed a private session on me, I found myself outside of my body, watching over 200 people beneath me. This moment served as a crucial awakening in my life, leading me to the exact answer I had been searching for. I returned to my clinic and started to use autogenic training with my patients. 

The phenomenal results showed me that I needed to do everything I could to understand this method better, to help heal those who so desperately needed me.

I realized that autogenic training and biofeedback methods could not only help my patients manage their pain, but could help all types of patients with their overall wellness. This method of therapy can help a person detach from all of the pain in life, physical and emotional. Negative emotions put stress on the body and ultimately take years off of a person’s life.

My infatuation with autogenic training inspired me to complete a PhD in psychology at the Humanistic Psychology Institute. I spent this time studying self-regulation and was ultimately led to the conclusion that this is the single most important thing anyone can do.

I created some additional exercises to add to this method of self-regulation, and just like that Biogenics was born.

Biogenics Can Add Years to Your Life

Since the time when I completed my PhD, Biogenics has grown with a number of other mental exercises that include essays on prayer, the power of the will, the transformation of the personality, visiting your own personal angel, learning tolerance and forgiveness, and so much more.

Autogenic training is the foundation of Biogenics and it helps the brain go into a state of detachment. Everyone experiences stress whether we want to or not. We can’t just eliminate or deny the negativity in the world, or the pain that we face daily, so learning to detach is vital to living a long, healthy life.

At least 95% of all illnesses are the result of negative feelings. Your body doesn’t know the difference between anxiety or disease, it just knows that something bad is going on and it reacts to it.

The hypothalamus is a tiny part of your brain which has control over every function in your body, it can get out of balance when bad things are going on within the body. This can even set off an inflammatory response, literally destroying your immune system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that life is even more uncertain than we once thought. This past year has been filled with death, despair, financial insecurity, and more pain than we once knew possible. These circumstances are doing a number on our bodies and it’s been proven with research.

In one of our recent studies, we looked at telomeres which are the tips of our DNA. Telomeres shrink over time, and for a healthy person, they shrink at a rate of about 1% every year. The telomeres of our subjects shrank on average 8% in six months. This means that the average person today is losing 8 to 10 years of life in 6 months. This is because of the intense amount of stress that we are currently facing as a society.

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