Chlorine has been known as a weapon of war for almost a century. And for most of that time chlorination of water has been the rule in the western world. There is no question that chlorination of water has reduced death from infectious diseases, especially in babies and young children. On the other hand, it is equally important to acknowledge that chlorine is exceedingly toxic. The fact is that chlorination of water produces trihalomethanes, known carcinogens, which may be as toxic to the immune system as chlorine appears to be to arteries! As late as 1966, the BRITISH HEART JOURNAL considered heart attack almost non-existent rather than prevalent but unrecognized prior to the 1930’s, ten years after the widespread use of chlorinated water.

CORONARIES, CHOLESTEROL, CHLORINE by Joseph M. Price, M.D., 2002 edition, maintains that the 20th century epidemic of heart disease and strokes is the result of chlorination of water. One of his greatest arguments is that our increase in life expectancy is largely due to the decrease in deaths among the young, a fact that cannot be disputed. Perhaps the greatest support for Dr. Price’s theory is his experiments with chickens, one of the species most explored in atherosclerosis research, second perhaps only to the rabbit. He compared two groups of 50 each of 3-month-old cockerels. All were fed equal amounts of corn and oats with 5% margarine (loaded with transfats!). One half were given chlorinated water to drink and one half had only distilled water. Within 3 weeks the chlorine-treated animals became lethargic and disheveled and they grew less healthy with time. At autopsy, the chlorine treated chickens had atherosclerosis 95% of the time!! No atherosclerosis was found in the control group! Dr. Price later repeated his experiment with similar results.

There is at least some suspicion that chlorinated water can allow some transcutaneous absorption of chlorine, of considerable importance not just in bathing/showering in chlorinated water but also in swimming in chlorinated pools. The mere taste of chlorinated water is adequate to make it unacceptable for cooking, drinking or bathing. Chlorine is toxic, even to plants and goldfish, as well as to people. Although it may be difficult to avoid chlorination of the public water supply, as non-chlorinated water can bring parasites and many infectious agents into the body, I do NOT recommend drinking or bathing in chlorinated water. There are relatively inexpensive solutions – filters for water which can be used only in the kitchen or can be obtained for the entire home water system or for kitchen and bath. When traveling, I use bottled water. At home, I have safe well water. For those who live in cities, I strongly recommend appropriate filters. And remember, softened water is NOT safe to drink!

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